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Southeastern Lieutenancy
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Archdiocese of Miami Section


The Honorable Bernard William Wolff, MPA, KGCHS, KM


Jorge J. Bosch, KGCHS, KM

Immediate Past President


Welcome Knights, Dames, Clergy Knights, and visitors! 

Some modern conveniences offer us the ability to communicate and interact for the common good.  I pray to God that this Website, and more close to home, the Archdiocese of  Miami Webpages will be a factor in disseminating timely and helpful information about our cares and concerns.  My quest is to create a dynamic and exciting medium to share the Order’s business as it relates to the Archdiocese of Miami Section.  As we continue to strive at providing a resource for the membership. and others, you may see periods of change in the presentation or in format in order to discover the most appropriate configuration and content.

In the future, you may continue to notice additional links to subjects of common interest relating to our Roman Catholic tradition and identity, knightly business, meeting summations, prayer lists, and more.  Some of these items will be regulated to the Section Newsletter as more fitting for local news. The Webmaster entertains suggestions and ideas with the caveat that the Lieutenancy needs to review and accept any item before publication.

I encourage your participation in the events that occur within the Section: the annual Archbishop Mass; the Morning of Reflection; and, the Shrove Tuesday event. At desultory times, our presence is requested at various Masses that occur in the Archdiocese where we form for procession at the beginning of Mass and conclude with the recession.

In addition, I wish to welcome all of you and encourage your participation in the upcoming Fall pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2018. You will be joining Sir Pierre and Lady Roz Allemond in the Holy Land for the second journey of 2018. It promises to be another historic and prayerful perigrination to the land of Christ's early physical ministry to His people on earth. You will be forever blessed by this holy event.